Participation in the morning show: “The Business Morning”

27.10.2015 Mrs. Natia Nadirashvili was invited to “The Business Morning” where she spoke about the activities of the projects and of possible results of it. She also spoke about the progress of the project and about the planned activities that will be held in Tbilisi on December 10, 2015 -afinal conference on the issue of perspectives of EU integration of Georgia and Ukrain.The conference will be attended by: experts from V4- Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic and experts and civil society representatives from Georgia.   



On 26.06.2015 was held the conference within the project "Experience of reforming of the Visegrad Four V4 for Georgia and Ukraine", implemented by the Association of Young Economists of Georgia and the Association of Small Cities of Ukraine with the financial support of the International Visegrad Fund.

The project aims to raise awareness of the Association Agreement Ukraine and Georgia, ways to deal with the crisis in support of economic integration in the EU and the vision of the reform process in the future on the example of the Visegrad Four.


Public Lecture Series in Ukraine

20.05.2015 - On 15th and 18th of May 2015 within the project activities V4 countries reforming experience for Georgia and Ukraine were held public lecture series held by the organization of the Association of Small Towns of Ukraine. Public lectures were attended by different stakeholders that are involved and interested in EU integration process of Ukraine: Representatives of the Executive Committee of Ukrainka city council, Company in service of housing, private enterprises, experts and students of different institutes. Projects Manager of the association of Small Towns of Ukraine Mrs. Okhrimenko Olgahave stressed the especial importance of the involvement of civic sector of Ukraine in debates around the EU integration on the background of the recent tensions developed in Ukraine. In this regard the special interest deserves the experience of the Visegrad Group Countries. Based on cooperation among countries  Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary it was possible to undergo the reformation process and become the members of EU. Georgia and Ukraine as the countries striving to become the members of EU can take useful lessons from Visegrad countries as in reformation of concrete spheres as well as in cooperation issues among countries.


Public Lections at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

06.05.2015 - On 04.05.2015-05.05.2015 public lections were held at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in scope of the project “Visegrad Countries Reforming Experience for Georgia and Ukraine” on 4 and 5 May,2015.A public lection “EU Integration Issues in Georgia and in Ukraine – (Visegrad Experience as a useful lesson)” was held in a big auditorium.Students, professors and representatives of non governmental and research organizations attended the lections. Discussion of a Visegrad phenomena and the way this cooperation promoted the proceses of EU integration of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland was of a special interest.   


Public Lections at Grigol Robakidze University

22.04.2015 -  20.04.2015-21.04.2015 In scope of the project “ Experience of Visegrad countries reformingfor Georgia and Ukraine” a part of the public lections cycle ”Euro Integration Issues in Georgia and Ukraine – (Visegrad experience as a useful lesson)” took place atGrigol Robakidze university.

Students, professors and representatives of non governmental and research organizations attended the lections. Natia Daghelishvili, an expert of the project, gave the public lections.

The challenges and future perspectives of Euro integration of Georgia and Ukraine were emphasized at the public lections. Visegrad countries experience was emphasized exclusively. 

The public lections were held in Q&Aand discussionmode. The research, planned by Georgian and Visegrad experts, caused a special interest.